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My name is Courtney Shrum (she/her) and I am an LMHCA in the state of Washington. I am currently serving clients remotely. If you are here, you are likely seeking mental health care for yourself or someone close to you and I want to greet you with kindness on your journey. It is no secret that the search to find a therapist can oftentimes be arduous and painful and I hope that I can help you as we meet on this path.

Professionally I have experienced a diverse path in life. I previously come from a decade of experience and burning out in the business and technology world at which point I restarted, went back to school, and began coaching fitness. Through that, I gained a stronger understanding of what the body is truly capable of. After a life-changing experience in my own counseling and discovery of how intertwined the mind was, I started on a journey to become a counselor myself. Due to my varied background and life experience, my counseling approach tends to be unique in that I combine knowledge of body and mind to help others to heal and grow more holistically.

Outside of being a counselor, I enjoy exploring the outdoors in Bellingham, WA where I live - hiking, trail running, and paddleboarding. I'm also somewhat of a movie nerd but specifically for sci-fi movies with aliens. My golden retriever is even named "Ripley" after Lt. Ellen Ripley from the movie 'Alien'. 


My approach is integrated through various types of therapeutic modalities that combine to grant a more holistic approach to body and mind and include:

  • Psychodynamic

  • Trauma-Informed

  • Somatic Experiencing 

  • Nervous System Regulation (Polyvagal)

  • EMDR

  • Licensed LMHCA in the State of Washingon,

    • License # MC61321065

  • New York University, 2022, MA Mental Health Counseling

  • Western Washington University, 2020 BS Kinesiology

  • Washington State University, 2009, BA Business Admin

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