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My name is Courtney Shrum (she/her) and I am an LMHCA in the state of Washington. I am currently serving clients remotely in the Bellingham, WA area where I am located. If you are here, you are likely seeking mental health care for yourself or someone close to you and I want to greet you with kindness on your journey. It is no secret that the search to find a therapist can oftentimes be arduous and painful and I hope that I can help you as we meet on this path.

Professionally I have experienced a diverse path in life. I previously come from a decade of experience and burning out in the business and technology world at which point I restarted, went back to school, and began coaching fitness. Through that, I gained a stronger understanding of what the body is truly capable of. After a life-changing experience in my own counseling and discovery of how intertwined the mind was, I started on a journey to become a counselor myself. Due to my varied background and life experience, my counseling approach tends to be unique in that I combine knowledge of body and mind to help others to heal and grow more holistically.

Outside of being a counselor, I enjoy exploring the outdoors in Bellingham, WA where I live - hiking, trail running, and paddleboarding. I'm also somewhat of a movie nerd but specifically for sci-fi movies with aliens. My golden retriever is even named "Ripley" after Lt. Ellen Ripley from the movie 'Alien'. 

Curious to find out more? Follow me on CounselChat to see how I approach mental health from a somatic method.


My approach is integrated through various types of therapeutic modalities that combine to grant a more holistic approach to body and mind and include:

  • Psychodynamic

  • Trauma-Informed

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Nervous System Regulation (Polyvagal)

  • EMDR

  • Licensed LMHCA in the State of Washingon,

    • License # MC61321065

  • New York University, 2022, MA Mental Health Counseling

  • Western Washington University, 2020 BS Kinesiology

  • Washington State University, 2009, BA Business Admin

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