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Let's start mastering your mental health

by building a better understanding of your anxiety, elevating your self-worth, & reducing time spent overthinking so you can be the best version of you possible.

Does this
sound like

  • You ruminate over the little things and don't understand why.

  • You can't seem to turn it off and struggle to fall asleep easily at night due to overthinking.

  • You feel anxious a lot of the time and feel like something is wrong with you.

  • You are hard on yourself and fall into a pattern of negative self-talk.

  • When you feel triggered you end up spiraling which can take hours to days to recover from.

  • When you experience conflict you can go totally numb or dissociate.

  • You feel this sense of waiting for the other shoe to always drop.

  • You have the tendency to always put others first or people please.

  • You feel like you are who everyone else needs you to be - not who you want to be.

  • You have no idea who you really are.

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Hi, I'm Courtney

And I'm not your average counselor,

My approach differs in that it integrates holistically with the body to find a deeper somatic root cause as to what is going on for you which helps to elevate your self-worth through an analytical framework based on neuroscience and psychology.

If you are feeling emotionally exhausted, wanting to set boundaries but don't know where to start, looking to know yourself better, beat self-doubt, and gain confidence - you're in the right place. I will help show you how to build that cohesion between your body and mind that then can ease your anxiety, depression, and panic.

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Get started

how can I help you?

Candor offers somatic and trauma-informed services to support you on your journey to living the life you deserve.


Not sure what you are looking for? Fill out a consultation application and let's jump on a free 15-minute call. Each consultation offers an introduction to get a feel of what it is like being on a call with me and a working idea of how I can best help you.


Seeking treatment for mental health difficulties. Service offered via telehealth in the state of WA.

Mental health coaching

Not located in the state of WA but still want to work with me? No problem - Mental Health Coaching is built just for you. 

Before you go

I created a list of all my favorite mental health books, videos, and media that I frequently recommend to clients and compiled them into a single PDF that you can now download and enjoy.

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