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Let's elevate your mental health baseline 📈

by building a better understanding of your anxiety or depression and improving your self-worth we'll shift you out of just surviving and launch you into thriving.

Are you ready?

Imagine a life that includes a calm mind and a shift out of survival mode alarm into thriving and finding your next level. No longer just appearing like you have your shit together but actually having it together. No seriously, you no longer feel like a stressed out mess but actually are ready to tackle whatever comes your way next.

  • Ruminating over the little things and not understanding why.

  • Unable to turn off your brain and at times struggling to fall asleep easily at night due to overthinking.

  • Feelings anxious or depressed a lot of the time with the sneaking suspicion that something is actually really wrong with you.

  • Hard on yourself and often fall into a pattern of negative self-talk.

  • Being triggered by something ends up making you spiral which can take hours to days to recover from.

  • You are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

where you are 😩

  • Feelings so much more confident in yourself and how you show up.

  • No longer feeling like you are in survival mode and can actually thrive in your life.

  • You now understand yourself on a level you didn't think was possible.

  • Your ruminating thoughts and overthinking have significantly diminished.

  • Your symptoms like anxiety, depression, and/or panic attacks have significantly decreased.

  • Setting boundaries where needed to protect your peace.

  • You feel like you are in a space to consider going off your psychoactive medication.

where you want to be 🤘

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Curious about why your mental health is the way it is?

Want to explore how my brain works before working together? 


Hi, I'm Courtney✌️

And I'm not your average therapist,

I'm here to help you finally believe that your mental health isn't going crazy.

In fact, you actually make a metric shit-ton of sense.

And once you understand why you'll be able to transform your life.

How am I able to do this?

My approach differs because it integrates holistically with the body to find a deeper somatic root cause as to what is going on. We need to bring what your body has been trying to tell you into the conversation.

If you are tired of feeling near constant stressed out internal dread, like a chameleon of some sort always changing to fit in, using coping skills that just don't work, and googling symptoms to try to figure yourself out - you're in the right place. 


I will help show you how to build that cohesion between your body and mind that then can ease your anxiety, depression, and panic. 

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